Who’s Who at Ellodian

Tony – Our ginger‐haired hero, fresh from a gruelling time in care and about to make some very big discoveries.
McGurney – Tony’s ace parrot.
Mrs Sherbet – The headmistress at Ellodian, who’d rather be eating prawn crackers and watching TV.
Miss Frankly – A herbal tea‐drinking elder. Quite frankly a cold fish, but one who plays by the rules. Frankly, she’s one to avoid.
Prospect – The deputy head. A self‐effacing man, a bit low on ooompf and lacking in confidence.
Gaskin – Part mole‐part human. Tony’s shy and nervous peer. Origami expert.
Mrs Heapey – Psychotherapist extraordinaire.
Bobbi Appledown – A sad girl, who’s waiting for an opportunity.
Frank Cubbage – Father Mole, straight forward, cheerful hard‐working and kind.
Ethel Cubbage – Mother Mole, straight forward, cheerful, hard‐working and kind.
Emily Cubbage – Teenager Mole with a wicked wit. At the mercy of a crimson nose.
Jasper Cubbage – Youngster Mole who doesn’t miss a trick.
Perfax – The worst…ever.

…and outside Ellodian’s gates

Bendy Leggett – Social worker, bends the rules and does her very best.
Inspector Blunt – Seasoned, thoughtful and about to retire, but retains Tony’s interests at heart.
Hilary – A sensible go getter‐girl who makes it happen.
John – Hilary’s dad. A good man who helps his daughter.
Alice Seymour – An artist from The Lakes with chocolate orange eyes; the woman who saw it all.
Terry Jones – A herb smoking, drink sloshing desperado.
Daphne Jones – A herb smoking, drink sloshing desperado, who misses her baby.

Tony Tony
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